A bunch made of artichokes!

unusual bunches of vegetable flowers!

Saturday morning! It's almost market'time where you go and buy fresh products from the sellers. Artichokes are ones of my favourite vegetables and finding and trying new recipes with them is always yummy. Here in Italy we have some little shops called "verduraio" or "fruttivendolo" (groceries) and some of them sell directly from the producers. Many people, expecially young ones, are going back to agriculture some it is nice to listen their stories about these productions. In a world where we are asked to run  fast, to cover multiple tasks very often these conversation can invite us to slow down, to take our time to do things, stay with the people we love...Food needs time to be enjoyed so visiting  a place, needs time to live it.

Maybe I won't use artichokes as a romantic bunch of flowers but in the Italian cooking tradions we have so many recipes, from appetizers to almost cakes 😉  But I can eat them in a potato frittata and a sandwich. Here is the recipe taken from Juls Kitchen the sandwich with artichoke and potato frittata  ( Danish people would describe it as an hyggeling  thing  😉