Visiting Florence with Pimpa!

follow Pimpa's red dots in Florence

Visiting an historical and artistic city like Rome, Florence or Milan is always a challenge...Parents are surprised by their kids rections:  sometimes they don't like these places at all (too many statues, churches,,,), sometimes they love discovering these new streets, squares... sometimes with the big help of kids guides, rollers, games...Sometimes I have a very special friend in my kids tour, a red dots dog named Pimpa! This dog is....years old (ok we can't tell a lady's age!) and she was created by Altan, one of the most known Italian comics artist.

Franco Cosimo Panini Publishing has created a very nice and funny serie of kids guides called "Città in Gioco" (Playing Cities)  dedicated to the most important Italian cities (Roma, Milano, Venice, Bologna...) so your kids can visit all these cities thanks to this new doggy friend, drawing, colouring, looking at the map, attacking the stickers...and it is great to hear them saying "Mum, Dad, Francesca look this is...Palazzo Vecchio, the wild boar...."feeling themselves little guides of Florence.  (click here to tee Città in Gioco )