The Wine Windows!

( just knock on the door and wine would be served ;-) )

Knock Knock! Wine is Here!

Well going around Florence downtown you can notice little windows, underlined by an Italian word "vino"...and why do we have all these little window? Maybe still nowadays they have something to do with wine? In Italian they are called "buchette" or "finestre del vino" and they were used to sell...guess what? Wine 😉  It was a direct way to sell wine from the producers to the clients, You knocked on the wooden doors, you passed your glass or bottle, the servants fille them, you paid...and here we go! You could drink one of the best wine in the world!

How many "buchette" can you find in the city? There is an association called " "Buchette del Vino" that aims to take care of them, counting, restoring and underlining their importance in our daily life. In their website you can find a map so you can also visit Florence by looking for them, like a wine treasure hunt! So in the last update, 139 wine windows were counted inside the walls.

The most known one is at the back of the Antinori building, the famous florentine winemakers. Just turn around the corner, try to knock at the door...who knows?

And here you can see me...pretending to do the magic 😉