The Painting Club!

(people from livorno)

Livorno has always been a special place, here in Tuscany, a place full of creativity.  And so since the Macchiaioli period, in the second half of the ninetenth century,  Livorno is one of the most known places for the Italian painting scene. "Macchiaioli" come from the Italian word "macchia" that means spots. These painters used to paint capturing natural lights, shades and colours and loved to paint outdoor and they were considered close to the French Impressionists. and so these morning, when I saw this group of painters painting their own version of the "Four Moors", our most important statue created by Pietro Tacca, I literally stopped my moped and took this pic. What is the connection with Giovanni Fattori, one of the most important painters of this movement, born in Livorno? Maybe nothing but these three men represented the spirit of this city: always being creative 😉 Relaxed and enjoying themselves!