The Siren Tree

(how nature can create curious things)

#livorno #leghorn #tamerice #lungomare #sea #seaside #igerslivorno #toscana sembra una sirena 🙂

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If you have a walk in the southern part of the Livorno (or Leghorn) seapromenade, you will find a tamarinsk. Here in the city is one of the most known places, where you can go where you have to breath some fresh air, look at he sea to find the good inspiration or just to enjoy the silence. But one day I looked at this tree from a different corner and this picture is the result: it looked to me like a siren with her tail, sitting with the sea at her shoulders, her branches and leaves looking like air. I know it is a tree but sometimes in life you must look at things, people and situations in a different way...and being a tour guide helped me in observing, not taking for granted people, atmospheres, art...and I invite people to do the same 😉