The climbing cat

(strike the catpose in Siena!)

Well wandering and getting lost in the cities mean observing some curious details. Being passionate about photography, it happens to me to find and to notice things, situations and people around me. I would like to be like Sebastiao Salgado, Letizia Battaglia or Elliot Herwitt that are able to count a whole story with just a click, a picture, inspiring photographers...but don't worry, I can only being passionate about their pics 😉

Well it was a sunny Sunday in Siena, I just visited the stunning Duomo and out we found this cat trying to climb up the iron fence outside a window.  I know, the cats are known for climbing but I had fun looking this cat striking this pose and keep on controlling what was going on in the street. The cat seemed to be totally at ease, the owner of the window!