“I cinque grani” (the five grains)

a little California corner in Livorno

Having a little handmade blog means also to be curious about your own place. So today I have discovered a new place in town called "I Cinque Grani", a little piece of California in Livorno downtown, and exactly in Via Cairoli. Piero, an engineer from Livorno, decided to come back to his hometown with his family. Being passionate about baking and cooking, Piero and his wife Karen decided to create this nice foodie place being inspired by natural and fresh food. But Livorno is also known for its sense of irony so the welcoming plate reflets that! Handmade macarons, handmade bread, fresh food and juices!

"Let's start the diet from tomorrow"....but today the plate was filled with macarons....just in case you don't want to eat anything 😉 And then the menu: salads, patries...and sandwiches! The atmosphere is relaxed and calm so you have to sit down and enjoy what you are eating. I loved the decoration with light colours, the wooden tables and the natural light inside. The

And then here we are, I had a Reuben sandwich with Corned beef, sauerkraut, emmental, dijon mustard on pain de campagne. Just yummi!




And to finish a childhood memory, an apple pie! 

Very happy about this foodie discovery. And also the restaurant's name has a curious background: Piero's last name Cinquegrani means in Italian "the five grains", a destiny in the name 😉 And here Piero and Karen's website https://www.icinquegrani.com/