Good evening! Looking back at my previous blog I created many years ago about the passion that later would enable me to become a tour guide, I found the video of this Tuscan band called “Negrita” called “Magnolia”, a very popular summer hit in 2003, taken from theis CD “Ehi Negrita!”.  I love this group, their Tuscan irony and also the way they show our region in their video. In this case, you hear and sing a ballad, with this groovy bass at the beginning. And in the video you see the Tuscan countryside in a summer day! Ending on a Tuscan beach at the sunset!

Enjoy the video and sing the song 😉

“Pioggia io sarò ? per toglierti la sete? E sole salirò ? per asciugarti bene? Vento arriverò ? per poterti accarezzare? Ma se vuoi? se tu vuoi? Tra fango e neve, fango e neve impazzirò! Impazzirò!?.”

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